Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Year in Pictures

Here's a look back at 2008 in the life of the Huneycutts. We had a wonderful year full of blessings.
January - - We had several snow days in January. You can tell how broken-hearted Samuel was to miss school.
February - - Samuel & Hannah enjoy a warm day by swinging .

March - - We visited the Air Museum in Gulf Shores on the way back from our Spring Break trip to Florida.

April - - Hannah was a German girl for Montessori's International Dinner

May - - Hannah performed in her first dance recital

June - - a camping trip to Lake Ft. Smith State Park

July - - Swimming lessons at the Swim Ranch

August - - A new year of school brought a new activity, Cub Scouts.

September - - Samuel runs for a touchdown!

October - - Hannah gives a cheesy smile while holding Sleeping Beauty, a gift from Greg Harper, the Panasonic guy.

November - - Hannah made princess cookies for her 4th birthday.

December - - Most of December saw lots of this activity. Wii, wii, and more wii!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Choir Concert

Tonight was our church's Christmas choir program for children's choirs. All three of our children got to sing. It's hard to believe that Hannah is now big enough to sing in "big church." She was so very excited, and has been talking about it for days. Samuel's first and second grade choir was performing a mini-musical called "The Christmas County Spelling Bee." He had a solo and a speaking part and has been singing up a storm for several weeks now. Jacob wasn't particularly thrilled at having to sing in front of an audience, but he gave it his all. He's not the kid who wants to be in the spotlight (unlike the other two). All three kids did so well. We took lots of pictures and finally put our new HD video camera to good use. The quality of the video was amazing.