Sunday, January 31, 2010


This video is actually from our snow day a few weeks ago. I will try to upload video from the "big snow" soon.

2010 Pics

New Year - New Attempt at Blogging

Ok - so it's January (alright - January 31st), and it's been a LONG time since I've posted. Like since last June. I'll admit that Facebook has taken most of my online time, but I am going to try and start blogging again as a way to help with my family scrapbooking, remembering things that the kiddos have done, and helping extended family abroad (James and Allison!) up to date with the Huneycutts.

So far 2010 has been a full year! I've been busy with snow storms, lots of graduate work, Upwards basketball, piano lessons, and the daily work of being a mom and teacher. The weather has been AMAZING this month. We've had not one but three snowfalls. The first got us out of school two different days the first week of January. The last snowfall was the biggest we've had in years. We got freezing rain, sleet, and about 6 inches of snow. So far, we've only missed one additional day of school, but I'm thinking we'll be out tomorrow. We've also had some beautiful warm, sunny days where the kids have gotten to play outside, riding bikes and climbing trees.

Since I've been snowed in the last few days, I've gotten a lot accomplished for both of my graduate classes. I'm taking six hours this semester - - both independent studies. One is a general psychology class (Human Life Span), and the other is with my GT professor. I am gettinig to do fairly self-directed projects for each class, and I'm well on my way to being finished with one, and I'm half-way done with the other! My goal is to be done with both by Spring Break. I also have to take my comp exams in March. Then . . . drumroll . . . I graduate with my master's degree in May. Woo Hoo! It's been a long three years of classwork, but I've enjoyed a lot of it (Did I say that?), and I'll definitely enjoy the perks that come with having an advanced degree.

Both boys are playing Upwards basketball again this year. I was surprised that Jacob wanted to do it again; he's really not very athletic. But, it was a good experience for him last year, and it's sooo good for him socially. Samuel, on the other hand, is such a ball hog. I hope that he'll learn to be more of a team player!