Saturday, June 27, 2009

Samuel Love Baseball!

Today was Samuel's last baseball game of the season. His team made it to the semi-finals (much better than any of the parents ever expected!). They ended up being a pretty good little team. We only lost by one, so we felt good about losing - - unlike some earlier games where we lost by 15 or 20 points! Samuel has learned so much more about the game and really seems to play with passion. We're already looking forward to next year!

Now . . . we just have to wait for football season to start. That's always been his favorite - we'll see if he still likes it as much as he has learned to like baseball. He also really wants to play soccer. We made him choose last year, and I've always said that I didn't want my kids to do more than one sport at a time. Several people have tried to talk me into letting him do both. We'll see.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm finally writing another blog - I know it's hard to believe! I haven't posted since March, and now it's June! What happened? Well, I joined the world of FaceBook and haven't looked back. But, I'll try to do a little better this summer.

We have been out of school for two whole weeks now, but I haven't really had vacation yet as I'm teaching in the UofA Young Scholar's Program as part of my GT certification and master's degree. It's been a good experience overall, but I'm anxious to be done so that I can enjoy my summer. I'm not doing much else with school this summer, so I should have some good "playtime" with my family.

We have enjoyed swimming several times already as the weather is heating up. Both boys swim pretty well, but this is Hannah's first time to try swimming without her floaties. She is really doing well.