Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Dells

This is our second time to visit Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. My parents gave us a week of timeshare to use at Glacier Canyon Lodge - Wilderness Resort. It is a fabulous place! There are six different water parks here at the resort (all included). Three are outside; three are inside. You can walk through a maze of skywalks and different wings of condo/hotel to get to each without ever going outside (which I'm sure would be great in the winter!). We have been to each of the parks once for a few hours at a time. The weather has been pretty lousy for doing anything outside - - rainy and cool. However, the outdoor water parks are heated, so as long as you stay in the water, it's not that bad. The kids don't seem to mind at all.

All three kids are having a great time swimming and going on the water slides. Jacob is completely fearless and will try anything. Samuel has met some other boys his age and has played water basketball with them on two different days. Hannah loves just swimming around but has also been willing to try most of the slides. Like me, she doesn't really like the ones that are completely dark. I don't like them because you can't tell which way you're spinning and turning - - makes me dizzy and nauseous!

We've eaten at some of the same places as last time, most notably "Moosejaw Pizza". It's a fun place that makes its own sodas - - the grape soda is so yummy! We also love Culver's, a burger/frozen custard chain that's common up here in the north. Today, we attempted to visit a cheese factory so that we could sample some fresh made cheese, actually watch some cheese being made, and of course, buy some cheese. However, the place we drove (in the pouring rain for an hour!) was closed. So, we ended up going to a cheese store across the highway from our resort. The cheese is still delicious, but it lacked that quaint idea of cheese making in Wisconsin.

We've noticed a number of extended families that seem to be staying here. It would be lots of fun to come here with the Seaman and/or Covington gang. I'm sure our family would make a big spash!