Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jacob's 1st Basket

We were so glad to be running the video camera when Jacob scored his very first basket in a game. This was his first year to play Upwards basketball (or any other league). He was very timid at first, but we saw real improvement as the season progressed. Overall, it was a great experience for him. You have to watch the video for about 45 seconds to see the basket.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

I can't believe that Spring Break is almost over. It has gone by so quickly, and for some reason, didn't even seem like that much of a break. I spent the first weekend of the break being stressed out with school type stuff. I took the GT Praxis early Saturday morning. It was hard. I so hope that I pass because I really don't want to endure another two hours like that. Then, I spent the rest of the weekend finishing the written reports for the Praxis III assessments that I did earlier in the week. I also graded unit tests because grades are due right after break.

On Monday, I drove to Dallas with my sister, Ann. We stayed with my nephew and his wife who are preparing to be missionaries with Wycliffe. It was fun to get to see them. I think the kids really enjoyed playing at their apartment complex. The trip was mainly so that we could go shopping - - boy, does Dallas have the shopping! I had hoped to find a bunch of spring/summer things for all three kids. I didn't find as many good deals as I as hoping for, but I did get several cute things.

The last part of break was spent doing lesson plans for my next unit at school and cleaning house. Sounds fun, huh?

Truly, I have enjoyed getting to sleep in a little later than normal and to stay in my pajamas as long as I want. One other plus was that John's parents had the kids spend the night for one night, so John and I had some peace and quiet. We rented Australia - hadn't seen it at the theater. I really liked it.

John has his spring break this next week. I'm hoping that will make the week less stressful than the normal week would be.